Ragi Roti Recipe


Are you bored of having that same ground whole wheat flour(atta) Roti everyday? Don’t worry!! We’ve got your back. Bringing you delicious, and healthy Ragi Roti also known as Finger Millet Roti.
Ragi is one of the few very natural source of vitamin D. It is whole grain and completely gluten free. Ragi is rich in fiber and the high fiber keeps you feel fuller for a longer time and thus helps in weight loss and weight management. It is packed with calcium, good carbs, amino acids and vitamin D. It also has a good amount of iron so it is ideal for those with iron deficiency.

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Ragi Roti is simple and easy to make though the colour is not very appealing but the first bite of this roti will make you change your mind. Ragi Roti is made from 100% ragi also known as finger millet. It is a great substitute for whole wheat flour and can be eaten with anything.

Ingredients :
  • 1 cup Ragi
  • 1 cup of water
  •  Salt to taste (optional)
  •  Ghee (optional)
  •  In a large bowl sieve your Ragi Flour.
  •  Slowly add some warm water and start mixing flour with water until mixed well.
  •  Knead the dough until it’s smooth and soft. If required add more water to soften your dough.
  •  Add ghee as per your taste and knead again.
  •  Now make small ball sized dough and pat it evenly with your hands into thin roti shape. Simultaneously heat the tava on medium flame.
  •  When the tava is hot, flip your Ragi Roti over the hot tava and cook until it becomes slightly brown.
  •  Then flip the roti and then cook on an open flame until completely cooked. Repeat the same with the remaining dough.
  •  Your Ragi Roti is ready to be served hot. Serve it with Salt, Ghee or Butter etc.

Nutritional values:



More about Ragi Roti:
  • Preparation for Ragi Roti will almost take about 10 min and cooking time will be 10-15 min.
  • Ragi Roti can be eaten with almost anything and should be eaten warm but if there are some leftovers they can be eaten within a day.
  • Use of luke warm water will help in making roti little softer.
  • Dip your hands in water in between roti patting as it will help to pat the roti evenly and thin.
    Hope you will enjoy this healthy and hearty roti which helps boost your energy with so many good benefits.

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