Mint Powder (Himalayan)

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Himalayan Mint powder is extracted from the Himalayan mint that is native to groves in hilly areas.  It is exotic and extremely aromatic containing vitamins and helps the digestive system. It gives fresh and cologne breath. It contains menthol which is rich in nutrients and relieves indigestion.

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Health benefit 

  • Medical herb to treat stomachache and chest pain.
  • Improve blood pressure. 
  • May decrease breastfeeding pain. 
  • Improves cold symptoms. 


  • Carbohydrates – 14.9g 
  • Protein – 3.75g 
  • Fat – 0.94g
  • Energy – 70kCal 
  • Crude fiber – 8.0g


  • Mint powder is solely organically made from dried leaves of mint leaves. 
  • It is a Himalayan product.  


The Himalayan mint powder is a popular ingredient for several foods, beverages, and salads. It is used to freshen the taste and create an aroma. The mint powder is said to also improve irritable bowel syndrome partially.  

Mint Weight

100g, 50g


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