Finger Millet

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Ragi flour well known as Finger millet is a modern staple food in many hilly regions of India grown both for grain and forage. It also improves digestion along with strengthening and improves bone density. Our motive is to provide the tons of health benefits it gives as it has better-balanced carbs and is also rich in dietary fiber keeping the body active and fuller.  

Health benefits  

  • Helps with weight loss. 
  • Helps with liver disorders.
  • Gluten-free and low in calories. 
  • Helps in strengthening and improving bone density.
  • Improves heart health and helps in treating anemia.
  •  It has proteins & amino acids 


  • Carbohydrates – 72.0g  
  • Protein – 7.3g 
  • Fat – 1.3g  
  • Energy – 328 kCal 
  • Crude fiber – 3.6g 


  • It is undoubtedly a Himalayan product.  
  • Highly organic.  
  • The bitter taste and aftertaste of nuts give a seasoning or sweetener taste to the food.  


It can be a substitute for flour and can be used to make staple dishes like roti, dosa, upma, and porridge. Ragi is highly useful for many baked items. The flour can be used to bake cake as it is much healthier than all-purpose flour. It can also be used to make desserts like barfi, laddoo, and halwa. Ragi can be used for making healthy snacks and, also multi-grain bread.


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