Barnyard Millet

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Our Barnyard Millet comes straight from the farmers of Uttarakhand. It is organic and is good for health and has the essence of the Himalayas. The Barnyard millet is also known as Jhangora or Sanwa is rich in fiber and a good source of protein and iron, it is low in calories and is gluten-free. Barnyard millet is widely also known as  Oodalu, Kavadapulla, Kuthiraivolly, Shyama, Udalu, and Kina.

Health Benefits 

  • Helps in diabetes management.  
  • Helps in digestion and prevents constipation 
  • Very helpful for cardiovascular diseases. 


  • Carbohydrates – 65.5g 
  • Protein – 6.2g 
  • Fat – 2.2g 
  • Energy – 307kCal 
  • Cruel fiber – 9.8g 


  • It arrives straight from the farmers.  
  • It is purely organic.  
  • It is a tiny, white-yellowish, round grain. 
  • It has a husk layer that is difficult for humans to digest so the husk is removed. 


It is a substitute for rice in the hills of Uttarakhand. It is also used for puddings, specially Jhangora Kheer. The millet can also be consumed as porridge, and it can also be a substitute for idlis or dosa.

Net weight

500g, 750g


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