A2 Ghee (buffalo milk ghee)

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A2 ghee is considered one of the very significant milk products in India for the past several years. It has many vital macro and micronutrients which are required. It is the powerhouse of vitamins and acids that promotes good health. Our A2 ghee is precisely notable because of its healthy nutrients.  

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Health benefit  

  • Helps in body nourishment. 
  • Improves the human body’s ability to absorb minerals. 
  • Helps in digestion and increase immunity.  
  • Lubricates the joints.  
  • Good for weight gain and strength. 
  • Can cure bedsores.  


  • Fresh and pure buffalo milk ghee. 
  • The ghee is whiter.  
  • Best buffalo’s milk is used for making the ghee. 
  • Buffalos are fed with organic grass and herbs.   


The ghee can be used for making food to make it more tasteful. It can be also used in baking. It is a great substitute for butter and oil.


200ml, 400ml


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