A2 Ghee: A Superfood for you!

Ghee: something which belongs in every Indian household, which is also considered one of the very significant and sacred products in India. There are ample amounts of ghee varieties in the market but A2 is unique and healthy on its own providing essential elements such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.

What is A2 Ghee?

A2 is a type of Protein majorly found in Desi Buffalo, cow, and goat milk. It is considered as best milk because of its healthy nutrients. Hence, the ghee made from A2 milk is called A2 ghee.
A2 Ghee is very beneficial as it is 100% made from fresh and pure buffalo milk. It is prepared using the bilona method which is one of the oldest and most authentic methods. The ghee is made from best buffalo’s milk and the buffalos are fed with organic grass and herbs.

Benefits of A2 Ghee:

  • Body Nourishment: A2 Ghee helps nourish your body. It lubricates your joints which improves bone health and also helps rejuvenates cells.
  • Helps in Digestion and increase Immunity: Consuming a good amount of ghee can actually help with digestion problems in the body. Ghee also subsequently boosts immunity as it gives you the power to absorb vitamins and minerals. It also detoxifies our body.
  • Good for weight gain and strength: A2 Ghee is a good source to gain weight because it contains a higher amount of fat. Someone who is struggling to gain weight can consume A2 Ghee moderately. It also gives strength to our body as it improves bone health.
  • Can cure bedsores: Ghee can be used as medicine for people suffering from bedsores as in ancient India medics would make medicine from ghee. Ghee can be applied to affected places for someone suffering from bedsores.
  • Healthy Skin: Ghee even has the ability to give you healthy and moisturized skin. Buffalo ghee has excellent capabilities to moisturize skin is incomparable making your skin look plump and fresh. It can be used to cure dark circles and also to cure chapped lips in winter.
  • Aids burns and swells: If applied directly on your affected skin area which is swollen it can treat the infection and cool it down. It can be also used as a temporary ointment for skin burns.

Characteristics of A2 Ghee:

If you see there are plenty of ghee varieties, they all differ in quality and they all have their benefits. Here are some of the characteristics of A2 Buffalo ghee:

  • The buffalo milk is thick and creamy.
  • The ghee is whiter
  • The ghee has very rich and strong aroma with a very nice flavour.
  • The buffalos are grazed in forests, in the open field naturally.
  • It has many macro and micronutrients and is also the powerhouse of vitamins.

Now that you know almost everything about A2 Ghee and how it is merit for our health as well as beneficial for our outer body, will you give it a try what if you are just one click away from changing your lifestyle into a healthy one? Get your A2 Ghee now and lead a healthy life!

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